Diabetes Management – Orlando

Diabetes is a chronic health condition that has an impact on the process of turning food into energy in your body. The majority of the food we eat is broken down into glucose (a type of sugar) that reaches your bloodstream. When your sugar level is high enough, your pancreas gets a signal to produce insulin. This peptide hormone is crucial for letting the blood sugar into your body cells and using it as an energy source.

In the case of people with diabetes, their body either can’t produce sufficient amounts of insulin or is unable to use it as effectively as necessary. We call this insulin resistance. As a result, too much blood sugar accumulates in their bloodstream, leading to severe health issues like kidney disease, blindness, or health problems as time goes by. Fortunately, there are effective ways to manage diabetes and live safely with this condition.

How to Manage Diabetes?

There are a few key points every patient with diabetes should keep in mind and follow to manage this condition properly, such as:

  • Carefully planning your diet. It is recommended to include a lot of vegetables, healthy fats, non-processed food, and low-sugar foods in your everyday meals.
  • Medicating properly. Insulin and other medications lowering your blood sugar levels need to be taken at specified times of the day and in accurately measured doses.
  • Being physically active. It is recommended by the American Board of Obesity Medicine and the Center for Disease Control for patients to have 45 to 60 minutes of moderate-intensity aerobic activity three to five days a week to help with Diabetes and weight loss. 
  • Controlling your blood pressure and blood glucose levels. In this way, you can react quickly if something is not right.
  • Limiting unhealthy substances. You should quit smoking and lower your alcohol intake.
  • Losing weight (if you are overweight). Obesity may make diabetes management much more difficult. Do you know that some diabetes medicines help with weight loss and some will actually increase your weight? Discuss more with our providers what’s best for you.
  • Seeing your doctor regularly. Having laboratory tests completed and talking to your physician on a regular basis often helps to control diabetes and adjust the treatment properly.

Find Help in Diabetes Management in Orlando

We know that managing diabetes can be a daunting task, as there are many things to control and plan carefully, so we offer our professional help and advice. At Chau Medical Group, you will find comprehensive support in diabetes management in Orlando. Please contact us to set up a suitable date to visit our doctor – call us at (407) 273-9410 or complete our contact form. We are here to help!