Preventive Screening Orlando

At Chau Medical Group, we want to make sure that you and your family are always in good health. That’s why we offer preventative screening in Orlando and Winter Springs.

We offer full medical examinations that includes blood work, lab tests, imaging studies that complement our medical professional’s clinical evaluations. Our team of medical professionals will work with you to determine what tests will best serve your needs and help you get the most comprehensive care.

If you’re interested in making an appointment or just have questions, please reach out to us today.

What is Preventive Screening?

Preventive screening is an important part of staying healthy and avoiding serious illnesses. It’s especially important to get screened on a regular basis. A full-body checkup with a physical exam and blood tests can help detect any health problems early and give you peace of mind about your overall health. This is especially important for certain medical conditions and family history.

It’s also important for younger people who may not be experiencing any symptoms yet but want to be proactive about their health care. Most importantly, preventive screenings can help prevent future illnesses by identifying at-risk people and educating them on ways they can improve their lifestyles in order to avoid more serious issues down the road.

Preventive screening helps save time, money, and heartache when it comes to medical bills and unnecessary tests. It helps doctors provide better treatment plans and determine appropriate next steps if necessary. Plus it allows patients’ needs/desires/lifestyles/goals to be considered before making recommendations for additional action items such as medications or procedures that may not always be necessary.

At Chau Medical, we believe in the power of preventive care and are committed to providing our patients with the resources they need to make informed decisions about their health.

What Does Preventive Care Entail?

Preventive care at Chau Medical Group generally includes annual physical and routine screenings for different health conditions like cancer screenings and vaccinations. These appointments allow our health providers to get to know you and your health concerns so that we can better address any issues that may arise.

Contact us today and schedule an appointment for a physical at our clinic. We’ll make sure you’re on your way to better health.