Joint Pain Treatment Orlando

Joint problems are one of the most common health issues adults in America struggle with. Arthritis is a serious and debilitating condition that often makes it difficult to live normally. If you struggle with joint pain of any kind, the best thing to do is address it before it turns your life upside down.

You can receive care at Chau Medical Group, a medical center run by families for families. Make an appointment today and find out what you can do to forget about the pain and live with the full range of motions! 

Treatments for Painful Joints

The pain that people with joint problems often times experience can be a source of great discomfort and negatively affect the quality of life. It’s vital to treat joint problems if possible, in order to avoid more significant complications that may eventually result in surgical intervention.

Initial treatment for joint pains can include physical therapy and non-medication treatments like a brace. At Chau Medical group, you will work with one of our doctors to determine the best treatment for your pain.

Another, a more popular route is to address the pain with medications. A doctor might prescribe a patient with joint pain an anti-inflammatory drug if the pain is related to arthritis or an antibiotic if it’s an infection that lies at the root of the problem.  Our physicians can offer joint injections that can alleviate the pain if indicated. 

You can benefit from the exceptional medical care that is suited for your needs in our clinic. Contact us and learn how we can help you manage your joint pain.

The Causes of Joint Pain

There are many potential causes of joint pain, arthritis and injuries being the most common ones. Here is the list of other issues that can be responsible for this condition:

  • repetitive motion
  • dislocation
  • poor nutrition
  • sprains and fractures
  • poor posture
  • tendonitis
  • bursitis

This list is not complete, as there are many causes of joint pain. This is why the proper diagnosis and medical care are so important when dealing with this condition. At Chau Medical Group we believe in the individual approach, giving our patients our focus and support. 

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